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Lead in Drinking Water Fact Sheet 
May 2, 2023 Election 


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Crestview Water & Sanitation District, Adams County, Colorado, that at the close of business on the sixty-third day before the election, there were not more candidates for director than offices to be filled, including candidates filing affidavits of intent to be write-in candidates; therefore, the election to be held on May 2, 2023 is hereby canceled pursuant to section 1-13.5-513(6) C.R.S.

The following candidates are hereby declared elected by acclamation:

Danny Sweeney for a 4-year term until May, 2027

Katherine A. Laurienti for a 4-year term until May, 2027

Notice posted by Mitchell T. Terry, Designated Election Official, March 1, 2023

Berkley Shores 13D Fire Suppression Backflow Prevention Device Information 
  • Adams County Fire & Rescue requires all new multi-family buildings/homes be protected with NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 13D fire suppression systems.
  • Both Crestview Water and Denver Water approved the submitted plans prior to construction for the Berkley Shores development which included two approved 13D options. The Crestview Water/Denver Water approved 13D options do not require backflow protection devices.
  • The developer contracted with AAA Fire Protection to design the 13D fire suppression system for your home.
  • The design from AAA Fire Protection met NFPA 13D standards however, their design did not meet the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) or Crestview Water/Denver Water standards.
  • The CDPHE does not require backflow devices if the 13D system follows Denver Water design standards however, if the standard is not followed, a double check valve backflow prevention device must be installed at the tie-in for the 13D fire suppression system.
  • It is in your best interests to allow the developer’s plumber to install the double check valve backflow prevention assembly in your home. If the home doesn’t have the required double check valve assembly, it won’t meet CDPHE backflow protection requirements and the water service will be required to be terminated until one is installed and tested.
  • Please note that once the device is installed, it must be tested and have the test results provided to Denver Water at
  • Your double check valve assembly must be tested every year thereafter with the results being provided to Denver Water.
2024 Budget Public Hearing 

The Crestview Water & Sanitation District Board of Directors is conducting a Public Hearing to present the Proposed 2024 Budget on October 25, 2023 at 5:30 at the District office, 7145 Mariposa Street.

2024 Water & Sewer Rates Discussion 

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Directors will be holding a discussion regarding proposed water and/or sewer rate increases for 2024 during the December 13, 2023 meeting of the Board to be held at Crestview’s administration building located at 7145 Mariposa Street at 5:30 PM.

Skyline Vista 2024-25 sewer rates will be discussed and set during the March 13, 2024 meeting of the Board of Directors.

Water Quality Reports 
Transparency Notice 
Many Of Crestview's Customers Have Requested A Set Due Date For Their Water/Sewer Bill 
Do Not Use "Flushable" Wipes 

Sewer systems around the world have a new enemy, FLUSHABLE WIPES!

Flushable wipes are personal wet wipes, moistened towelettes, baby wipes and disinfecting wipes. The “flushable” or wet wipes can be easily flushed down the toilet, but they won’t dissolve. Some manufacturers insist that wet wipes can be flushed away by your toilet but that doesn’t mean they won’t cause a problem underground. The wipes can float along in the sewer main coming in contact with grease and fats from cooking, ultimately creating a mass of grease and wipes that can build up to a point that they could potentially clog the sewer main. Once the sewer main becomes clogged, the sewer will back up causing the sewage to enter into homes and businesses. Please don’t flush wipes down the toilet and as always, please don’t pour cooking grease or oil into the drain. Go with the flow!

Water Shut-offs For Non-Payment began July 1st, 2021. Late Fees of $40 Are Also Being Assessed. 

Check out this link, It discusses sewer backups and how to avoid them.

To our valued customers who may be concerned regarding the new developments occurring in Crestview. Please be assured all of the infrastructure (water and sewer mains, water and sewer services) are being installed at the developer’s expense and will be deeded over to Crestview Water and Sanitation District free of charge after the final acceptance.

Crestview Water and Sanitation District operations will not be effected by the new development and the District will continue to serve our customers at the highest standard of excellence and at the best rates available.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our office at 303-429-1881.

To Report A Water Main Break Or Sewer Back-up Contact 303-434-4884 

To Report A Water Main Break or Sewer Back-up Contact 303-434-4884

See our Water & Sewer Line Repairs for more information.


Click this link for information about sewer line backups.